Monday, December 2, 2013

Library Offers Free Magazine Downloads

Mount Clemens Public Library is pleased to offer access to Zinio For Libraries, the world's largest newsstand.  The Suburban Library Cooperative, of which the library is a member, has created a new Zinio web portal which allows library patrons to select and download issues of 93 popular magazines to their computers or portable devices.

After creating free accounts to use the service, library card holders will have unlimited access to complete digital magazines, easily viewed on most Internet-enabled devices.  Magazine issues downloaded from the service do not "expire" or need to be returned to the library, and there is no limit on the number of magazines that a user may borrow.  There are also no waiting lists to download content; everything you see in the library's Zinio portal is available for immediate download.

Library staff will be happy to assist you in creating your accounts and navigating the site.  Try it today by clicking here, or look for the Zinio Digital Magazines link on our web site.

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