Saturday, October 1, 2011

Go Get 'Em, Tigers!

For all of you baseball fans who are following the Detroit Tigers' march to the World Series, here are a few gems from the library's collection to help you relive old memories while watching the Tigers make new ones:

  • Sock It To 'Em, Tigers: The Incredible Story of the 1968 Detroit Tigers (796.357 SOC)
  • Roar Restored: Detroit Tigers '06 (796.357 ROA)
  • This Date in Detroit Tigers History / John C. Hawkins (796.357 HAW)
  • When Cobb Met Wagner: The Seven-Game World Series of 1909 / David Finoli and Bill Ranier (796.357 FIN)
  • Tales From the Tigers Dugout / Jack Ebling (796.357 EBL)
  • The Roar of '84 (796.357 DET)
  • The Tigers of '68: Baseball's Last Real Champions / George Cantor (796.357 CAN)
  • Out of Nowhere: The Detroit Tigers' Magical 2006 Season / George Cantor (796.357 CAN)
  • Bless You Boys" Diary of the Detroit Tigers' 1984 Season / Sparky Anderson (796.357 AND)
Go Get 'Em, Tigers!

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