Monday, May 9, 2011

Library Overdue Notices Go Paperless

Dear Library User,

As of June 1, 2011, Mount Clemens Public Library will no longer print and mail overdue notices to library patrons. Instead, overdue notices will be sent to our patrons in one of two ways: by e-mail, if you have chosen to provide your e-mail address to us; or, by an automated phone call generated by our library cooperative's computer system.

This step is being taken to reduce costs as the library faces steep declines in operating revenues due to the current economic situation in Michigan. Generating e-mail and phone notices will save significant dollars in printing and postage costs. You can help us by verifying with a library staff member that the telephone number and/or e-mail address that we have on file for you is correct and current.

Please also understand that providing overdue notices is a courtesy service of the library and not a requirement. Every person who checks out material from Mount Clemens Public Library assumes full responsibility for returning that material on time or paying the associated fines and replacement invoices for that material, regardless of whether an overdue notice has been provided.

The library appreciates your understanding and cooperation as we take all possible steps to reduce our costs while maintaining quality library service in these very challenging economic times.

Sincerely yours,
Donald E. Worrell, Jr.
Library Director

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