Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Never Too Late to Return a Library Book!

Last week, the library received an amazing letter from long-time patron Mark T. McKee, who is currently wintering in Arizona. Mr. McKee wrote the library director to ask his pardon for a book in his possession, overdue from Mount Clemens Public Library for the past 76 years! It seems that Mr. McKee had checked out the book, entitled A Dog of Flanders, from the library in 1934, when he was a grade-schooler. He never returned it, and has kept it among his treasured possessions all these years. Finding it once again among his belongings, his conscience pricked him and he decided it was time to return the book to its rightful place in the library, so he mailed it back to us with a heartfelt letter of apology.

Mr. McKee also threw himself upon the mercy of the library director, as the accumulated fines on this overdue book amount to more than $2,700.00! Click here to read a story about the return of Mark McKee's overdue library book in the Macomb Daily, or watch the TV news feature on Fox2 Detroit.

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