Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Oldest Book in the Library

Mount Clemens Public Library was founded in 1865 and celebrates its 144th year of service to the community during 2009. Since we've been around so long, we were wondering which book on our shelves has been in the library the longest, and we think we've found it. In our Michigan history storage collection is a volume entitled Michigan in the War, a history of our state's participation in the American Civil War. The cover of this book bears an embossed stamp that reads "Union School District Library, Mt. Clemens." This was our name back when the public library was located in the Union School building (near where Macomb School is today) and was administered by the Board of Education. Inside the book is an inscription indicating that the book was donated to the library by Edgar Weeks. Weeks was a Mount Clemens attorney who served as an officer in the Twenty-Second Michigan Volunteer Infantry regiment during the Civil War. After the war, he served as Macomb County prosecuting attorney and probate judge, and as a congressman from Michigan's 7th congressional district.

This book is not only an interesting history of our state and nation, it is part of our library's history as well.

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