Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mysterious Genealogy

Family historians generally love a good mystery, so we've compiled a list of some mystery and detective novels featuring a genealogist as the protagonist. Here's a sampling for your reading pleasure:

Bloodline – by Fiona Mountain (M FIC MOUNTAIN)
An elderly amateur genealogist asks detective/genealogist Natasha Blake to trace a family tree back to 1750--but no further. The assignment makes Blake uneasy about her client's motives, since the family tree he wants traced belongs to his granddaughter's fiance. Complications arise when Blake discovers a murderess hanging in the family tree.

Murder Once Removed – by Kathleen Kunz (M FIC KUNZ)
Terry and her Aunt CeCe run a successful and popular family research and genealogy business. When the police report that CeCe has jumped off the cliffs near her home, her niece passionately denies that her death was a suicide and claims that her aunt was pushed. Did CeCe stumble upon some nastiness in the family background of one of her clients? Was she killed to keep some information hidden?

Family Skeletons – by Rett MacPherson (M Fic MACPHERSON)
When shopkeeper Norah Zumwalt asks amateur genealogist Torie O'Shea to research her family tree and soon after ends up brutally murdered, Torie feels compelled to investigate, despite warnings from the local sheriff to mind her own business. What she finds is a decades-old murder, a mysterious case of mistaken identity, and a bizarre love triangle.

Always Time to Die – by Elizabeth Lowell (FIC LOWELL)
Carly May, a genealogist/historical researcher, is commissioned to write a family history of a politically prominent New Mexico clan by a disgruntled family member who hopes she'll dig up dirt. When she starts uncovering illegitimate offspring, the threats begin....

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Sue said...

Thank you to whomever prepared this list. Always like to read this type of book. It is similar to reading a case study and testing my brain as to what should the person do.