Friday, July 18, 2008

Michigan Mysteries For "Who-Done-It" Fans

You've probably noticed that Hollywood is making more movies on location in Michigan lately. Well, mystery writers have been setting their stories in Michigan for some time now. If you are a crime fiction fan, take a look at this sampling of some of the recent mystery novels with Michigan locations that are available on the library's shelves:

Baldwin, Richard L. A Final Crossing: Murder on the S.S. Badger. (M Fic Baldwin)
As the title suggests, the action centers around the vintage car ferry S.S. Badger, plying the waters of Lake Michigan between Ludington and Manitowoc.

Meehan, Christopher. Murder on Sacred Ground: A Rev. Calvin Turkstra Mystery. (M Fic Meehan)
In this story, a Grand Rapids minister follows a mysterious document to the streets of Detroit.

Hamilton, Steve. A Stolen Season: An Alex McNight Novel. (M Fic Hamilton)
Strange events in Michigan's Upper Peninsula are investigated.

Baker, Deb. Murder Passes the Buck. (M Fic Baker)
An Upper Peninsula sheriff tries to rein in his eccentric, mystery-chasing mother.

Parrish, P.J. An Unquiet Grave. (M Fic Parrish)
Louis Kincaid investigates when a body is found in the forgotten cemetery of an abandoned Michigan sanitarium.

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